Photos feature is the most essential section of all online communities. Photos make your online content more colorful, more graphical, and less boring. A picture is worth a thousand words, so sharing photos is a must!

At phpFox, we not only provide the Photo App as a built-in feature of the platform but also include many trending actions to make it more attractive. Your members can upload photos to a public gallery or to their own set of photo albums. While uploading photos your members can decide the privacy level of who can view their photos online.

Profile Photo Albums

Each user has a profile photo album, which stores all of their profile photos they have uploaded.


Set as Profile Picture

You can easily set one of your photos as your main profile picture with a click of a button.


Photo Cropping

You can easily create a clean look for all your photo thumbnails.



Each photo can contain as many tags the user adds. All these tags are added to a block on the photos index page displaying what is the trending topics and will make it easier for your members to search.


Mature Content Control

Certain images may me mature in nature and for these photos, users can enable the option to identify that it is only for mature users. By default it's anyone above 18, however, Admins can control what age is considered to be mature.


Multiple Category Selection

Each photo uploaded can belong to one or more categories. Categories have no limit with how many child categories it can have.


Photo Tagging

Users can tag their friends or themselves in their own or other photos.


Rotate Photos

Users can rotate their photos 90 degrees to the left or right.


Photo Theater Mode

Viewing photos has never been easier. By using our "Photo Theater Mode" users will be able to click on a photo and it will display the photo right on the spot so they don't lose their place on the site.


Likes, Comments, and Shares

We keep your users active by giving them the ability to easily Like, Comment or Share on a photo.


Search Filter

By using our search filter, your users can easily find photos they are looking for.


Privacy Control

Users can control who can view and comment on their photos. Learn more about privacy control here.

Report a Photo

Each photo can be reported to the Admins by the community to help prevent SPAM and/or remove inappropriate material that is considered to breach the terms & conditions of the site.


Add Photos to New Posts on Activity Feed

While sharing feed, your users can add photos to gain more attention from other users.


Multiple Photo Uploads

Your users can upload as many as 10 photos at a time. Admins can control the setting of how many uploads can take place at one time, so you control the amount depending on your needs.


Photo Albums

Users can upload photos to the public gallery or keep their photos organized in their very own photo album.


Control Downloads

For each image, users can control if other users have the rights to download their photos.


View All Available Sizes

Users are uploading a lot of photos online and sharing them with all of their friends. We make sure your users are happy by keeping the original size of the image they have uploaded and we also create many smaller sizes depending on their need when sharing the photo.


Featured Photos

Admins can feature photos, which are displayed within the photos sections index page and is refreshed using AJAX.


Approval System

Admins can enable our approval system where if enabled users will have their photos viewed by a site moderator before it can be viewed publicly. The moderators can then decide to either approve or deny the photo.


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