• New Apps and Themes in July and August 2017

    New Apps and Themes in July and August 2017

    Hey, fellas! We're back with the new apps and themes for the month of July and August. Yes, we will introduce all the newly added plugins in the store by our 3rd party developers for the last two months. I'm sure some of you already tried and purchased these apps. But for those who still haven't seen them, please take a look at the summarized list below. User Background by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: With this app, users can change the background color or image of your site. The change affects only what the specific user will see. On other profiles, they see other users backgrounds.FEATURESChoose between color and image background Individual background for each user Set usergroups or subscriptions that can use the background feature Color picker for selecting color Set background size in Admincp Set background repeat in Admincp Admin can choose between site-wide backgrounds or profiles only Set fixed or scrolling background in admincp Add container background Copy to clipboard function on images in the photo module (easy copy and paste URL for user) File upload button More features in the next versionsUser Generator by Foxer INTRODUCTION: User Generator for phpFox will allow you to generate up to 5000 users with photos and pre-defined settings. You should not register users manually – you will get thousands in a few clicks.Advanced Badges by Foxer INTRODUCTION: It's always a question for community owners how to motivate members to post more content, be more active, communicate with each other. We have a solution for you today. Badges is one of the key features that add gamification to social networks. You will be able to reward users by giving them badges depending on their activity.Badges will encourage users to interact with each other more frequently, compete with friends in posting new photos, videos, blogs, music and even in adding new friends.Profile Usergroup by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This app shows the members usergroup on the profile page.Change text color Change text sizeThis feature and much more are included in my Usergroup Profile Icon app: by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This powerful app is a generic listing system with geolocation feature (e.g. for shops or businesses). Users can add list entries with geo data (country, city, street) and the item will be displayed on a map. The markers on the map have a link to the entry.FEATURESVerify system Enable/disable location system Enable/disable Map on item view Enable/disable Privacy Setting Font Awesome support Custom field (e.g. for website URL or phone number) Enable/disable group and page links Recent places block on index and item view (can also be added to member index or other controllers) Change map location on places index page Many more features in the next versionIstra(theme) by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: A nice flat colored theme with a sticky menu and round borders. It is a bit strange and gives your site a really unique look ;)FEATURESSticky menu when scrolling Modern flat color design Round corners everywhere Full-width homepageAs of today, we already have the total of 260 3rd party Apps and 25 Themes available in the store. You can download and install these apps from your AdminCP. Make sure to keep in touch with the 3rd party developers if you have any questions from these plugins. You can also ask the experts to make a custom app specifically for your website.And for those who want to contribute apps and themes, you can apply as one of the phpFox 3rd party developers. Just visit our Developers Program page for details or ask our live chat agent on our website.
  • New Apps and Themes in June 2017

    New Apps and Themes in June 2017

    3rd Party Apps and Themes Update Hey, fellas! Last month, our 3rd party developers have added new apps and themes in our store.  You can directly purchase and download these products in your AdminCP.  These products are independently provided and supported by the 3rd party developers. So in case, you have questions, just feel free to let them know.We summarized everything for you. Let's take a look at the following list. Transformer(theme) by Foxer FEATURESexpandable side menu with some features of the user dashboard configurable footer clean and attractive landing page includedStickybar by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This app makes the main menu sticky when scrolling down. Your users are always able to switch to other pages and not have to scroll up to get back to the menu.Advanced Like by FoxExpert INTRODUCTION: Want to increase user interactions on your Phpfox? Add your own or use default package of 6 emotions (like Facebook). View liked users list in the tooltip for each emotion and special popup. Manage icons from the admin panel, add icons which fit for your idea.Side Menu by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This app changes your default horizontal bootstrap menu to a side menu. On mobile devices, the menu is fixed at the top.CSV User Import by Foxer INTRODUCTION: CSV User Import allows you to create a number of users you need in minutes, set a shared password for everyone and their user group in your community. A few seconds – and your new members will be imported after uploading one file with their data in .csv format. CSV User Import allows you to assign one of available user groups of your particular system. Tracking the progress of import is easy with the AdminCP page we created. A brief description of fields to enter can be found in the example file you can find and download right from your AdminCP. Of course, if there are mistakes in CSV document users will not be created and you will get line-by-line information about that.Follow System by FoxExpert FEATURESAdd Follow/Unfollow button into profile page Follow Wall - show all feeds from followed users I follow, My followers browse pages. Suggest to follow popular users. My followers block in profile page Most followers, Most following blocks. Admin statistic page. Admin Enable/Disable follow feature. Enable/Disable for special user groups.Feed Colors by Scheinwelt-Media INTRODUCTION: This app adds color to your feed. Set background and text color for specific feed item typesDIXIPAY® by ComeMore FEATURESPayment gateway for companies, legal entities Page hosted payment (HPP) Level 1 PCI DSS compliant Maximum security by reducing the credit card listed on your website Fast and easy integration Customize the payment page with your own Logo and your preferred language Use the dixipay brand to increase customer confidence Several methods of paymentEcwid Store Integration - free version by cespiritual INTRODUCTION: With this module, you can integrate your Ecwid shop into a phpFox installation offering to your members a modern and easy to use online store.TargetPay Bancontact by ComeMore INTRODUCTION: Cash Banksys is a popular payment system in Belgium. There you go. They are the updated list of apps and themes for the month of June. Please contact directly the 3rd party developers for any questions regarding these plugins. They would love to hear your thoughts about their products. See you next month for the new apps and themes!
  • Introducing the new amazing template in phpFox 4.6.0 – Material Template

    Introducing the new amazing template in phpFox 4.6.0 – Material Template

    Quick glance of the new template for phpFox 4.6.0 This is probably one of the best updates you will look forward to in phpFox 4.6.0. A new core template, which will be called the 'Material Template'.  Your site will look more attractive and stunning with the new look. Get yourself ready to preview some of the highlights of phpFox's new templatephpFox 4.6.0 Material TemplateActivity FeedYour members will enjoy browsing on your site with the new look and feel and stay more on your feed. Aside from its looks, we enhanced some of the icons which are more attractive to the eyes of your members.Member ProfileIt is designed to change the cover photo by just clicking the camera icon at the upper left edge of the photo.  The member profile menu also displays more option which will make other pages accessible to your users. This way, they will likely to visit their page more often.BlogWith the new blog template, your users' blog posts will look more engaging and informative as it displays perfect size thumbnail, enough space for the title, and a quick introduction about the blog. The blog categories also display sub-categories to easily filter blogs based on which category they belong. The Top Bloggers section's new design will encourage your users to post more blogs as they want to see their profile is being displayed at the top. Under thumbnail of each blog, the number of reads and likes are also being displayed.VideoWe created three tabs to separate All Videos, My Videos, and Friend's Videos for a member's better view. In All Videos tab, each uploaded video thumbnail will display user's mini picture of the uploader aside from other information such as name, date, and title of the videos. The number of likes and views are also easily noticeable with this new template. Your users can also select the category of the videos they most likely to view.MarketplaceWe knows that Marketplace is one of the important and useful apps on your site. With its new style, your site will become more profitable to you and to your users. The thumbnail of the products or services on sale is a bit bigger than the current one.MusicMusic is one of the key features of your site to attract new members especially the music lovers. With this phpFox 4.6.0 Material Template, the experience of your members staying in your music app will be at the next level.These are just some of the highlights of the phpFox 4.6.0 Material Template. It can change a bit during the development. We will provide you more updates on our next blog posts. So make sure to keep an eye on our blog site to always get the latest Start Your Social Network Today!
  • New Apps and Themes in May 2017

    New Apps and Themes in May 2017

    Time is running so fast, isn't it? Last month, we just posted 20 new apps and themes developed by our 3rd party vendors for the month of April. Just click here if you missed that article. And now, our 3rd party vendors just added more new apps and themes for this month that might be useful to your site. Excited to know about them? Let's have a quick look back on some new apps and themes in May 20171. Sticky Musicali theme by Scheinwelt-Media - menu when scrolling Full-width front page image Set main colors in AdminCP2. Notification Sound by Scheinwelt-Media - This app plays a sound on new notifications, messages and friend requests3. Easy Uninstaller by Scheinwelt-Media - This app adds a button for fast uninstalling apps in your AdminCP4. Profile Completeness by FoxExpert - Want to motivate your users to fill their profiles? This app solves this problem. Show nice progress bar with non-filled fields, and remind your users to fill his profiles.5. Instant Messaging by phpFox - What if your users want to have private chat with their friends in your community? Understand that need, we provide the IM Chat for you to allow your users to send individual messages, attach external links, share emoji to other users.6. Verify System by FoxExpert - to upload any documents for verifying Profile, Events, Pages, Groups, Advanced Events, Stores, Courses Ability to verify Profile, Events, Pages, Groups, Advanced Events, Stores, Courses by user reviews (example: after 5 reviews profile will be verified) Verify icon on all core modules and many 3rd party modules (who used the standard phpFox function for render user) for profiles. Verify icon on profile, single event page, single group page, single pages page, single advancedevent page, store page, course information page. Verified Profiles, Verified Groups, Verified Pages, Verified Events, Verified Advancedevent, Verified Stores, Verified Courses blocks on certain Browse pages. (setup automatically, you may enable/disable it on admin->blocks) Rich email notification after approves or reject. All phrases into languages system (easy translate)7. Landing Page by Scheinwelt-Media - This app changes the landing page of the default bootstrap and other Bootstrap based themes. Make your landing page more interesting with this powerful app8. Affiliate by YouNetCo - Are you looking for a method to advertise your website, products, or services? Affiliate marketing is a powerful and effective one to boost your business by creating a huge affiliate network - which may help automatically promote your site, products, and services around the clock. More traffic to your website means an increased likelihood of converting them into real customers, thus raise your revenue and maximize the value from your website's visitors. Our plugin allows affiliates to earn profit through purchases from their clients, hence encourage them to share and introduce your site to others. It is also a perfect tool for you to track the referrals to your website as well as their deposits spent on your site.To see the complete list of apps and themes, feel free to visit the store anytime at
  • New Apps and Themes in April 2017

    New Apps and Themes in April 2017

    We all know that having 3rd party apps in your site make it looks more stunning and well-functioned when it comes to performance. Our 3rd party developers are continuously adding new apps and themes in our store. Let's have a quick look back about some new apps and themes in April 20171. Advanced Mail by FoxExpert - core private messages with live chat like facebook Add Stickers, WebCamera photo and voice records into messages We use standard attachments, which allow adding pictures, files and etc media to message Sound notification about a new message like facebook, Ability to change the color of messages. Mobile responsive (we create a special design for the mobile great view!) Different options like poke, block user, report user, see user profile in information block Messages (threads) and Contact (Friend List) tabs. Archives and ability to delete each message. Ability to attach smiles. No touch any core file, Installation with 1 click2. Flags by Foxer - is a multi-language virtual world, people from every corner of our planet every day connect with each other. People have friends from other countries they can talk in different languages, also every person can follow interesting people in business needs and it is good to know where are they from or their location to make communication more effective. It doesn't take time to search for info in member accounts - just install Flags app to get flag icon next to user's name to know his/her location. You'll have an opportunity to change flag icons size (large / medium / small) and make them more attractive to your eye and of course, enable or disable the app in one click. Flags app will choose an appropriate flag from collection basing on country chosen by a member on registration. App can also be useful for indicating languages of people in your network – country flag will suggest you the language you may use to communicate with selected member. Install our Flags app and get more comfort of usage of phpFox!3. Notification Sound by Scheinwelt-Media - This app plays a sound when the notification counter shows up.4. Block Switch by Scheinwelt-Media - This app moves block location 3 to location 1 when the screen size gets smaller. On mobile devices, you can enable to collapse the blocks and show a button with Font Awesome icon instead. When the user clicks on the button the blocks show up.5. Mobile Menu - Left and Right Blocks by Simplify Social Network - Mobile Left & Right Block with a purpose:Display left & right blocks in tab format on Mobile devices Make layout clean and save space Save space for main features This module help to improve a lot for mobile layout. Look at screenshot and demo to feel visually6. EMoney and Affiliate Program by CodeMake IT Company - Do you want to increase your income easily and enjoy from it? Then the partner program and electronic money app are just for your website! This app provides possibilities to create internal currency and you will be able to give opportunities to your users to create partnership links and increase selling in marketplaces and other modules. Herewith the owner of the site can earn commissions transactions and enlarge financial profits.7. Store by FoxExpert - solution to have online Store/Listings section on your phpfox. Rich information about products (specifications, photos, videos (youtube and mp4), user reviews, tags, big description with attachments). Add ability to have User Stores (similar as business pages) with many different functions like (top selling products, user reviews, contact form and contact information, shipping information, return policy) Cool Ajax cart and Ajax compare, which shows only in store app pages. Pay using standard phpfox gateways + our Emoney app balance. Good monetization with store commission and sponsored features (Products and Stores). Manage in admin interface all things (categories, products, stores, orders). Also, have many admin and user groups settings. Products, Store statistic for sellers in the user interface. All store statistic for admin in the admin panel. More than 50 different blocks. High quality and Live support chat support. Lifetime updates and fast support by email. Mobile responsive (works great on any device). Purchase this app and get a free emoney app. It is required for Store app.8. Interests by Foxer - app will allow your users to find people who are interested in same things as they are. When registering your users will be prompted to choose their interests. There are 300+ pre-defined hobbies, sports activities, professional interests etc so everyone will be able to find what they like. Every interest has an own page with defined image and description and the list of people who are interested in chosen hobby/sport / professional area. This is a great way to people with same interests to connect with each other, start a conversation and share their ideas. Of course, every interest page is SEO-optimized so the even presence of this pages will increase search positions of your website and users will be able to join your network basing on their interests. Additionally, interests are editable right from AdminCP which gives you an option to add a longer description or change image that represents specific interest.9. Video by phpFox - People love watching videos, and video is one of the important factors to keep your users engage and stay more in your community. phpFox makes it easy to share video from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Mp4, Facebook or upload video directly from computers.10. AddThis Integration by Scheinwelt-Media - This app adds AddThis support for social sharing to your site.11. Social Button by Scheinwelt-Media - With the social button added to the userbar your users can share site content on other social networks.12. Payment inline style by ComeMore - Quick installation - Just press Install and everything!!! Global payment solution with more than 150 popular local payment methods. To connect with over 150 payment methods globally to cover users from 192 countries.13. Live Clocks by - We have created Live Clocks app which is simple and easy to use world clock application & widget.14. Reslider by Scheinwelt-Media - This app adds a slider on your sites front page and disables the standard banner images.15. Userbar Icon by Scheinwelt-Media - This app adds up to three link icons to the userbar.16. Paymentwall for phpFox by paymentwall - OAuth 2.0 Social network by ComeMore - This app will allow you to attract more traffic to the site. It is important!!!! After installation, go to and add Your website to check. Each second level domain you need to confirm. You can choose any convenient way for you to prove domain ownership, download the file and add a text record18. Advanced Footer by Foxer - Advanced Footer is an app for phpFox that allows you to create your own interesting footer with enough information about your community or company.19. Phoenix Template by YouNetCo - Inspired by the rise of the phoenix, our Phoenix Template is created with the strong and bold color of orange that will bring a unique and fresh look even to the most common sections. It is designed with individual pages combined together into the Landing page and make this page have many beautiful contents and visual effects. The template is attractively beautiful and outstanding with many modern designs and animations. Phoenix, a symbol of strength and longevity will bring you full of surprises. You utterly make your community become irresistible.20. Premium Note Theme by Simplify Social Network - Premium Note Them with the purpose:Make Mobile and Tablet layout more friendly than existing themes on this market. See above photos to know visually Re-arrange some element more reasonable to save space and make a clear layout Allow to more color parameters in the layout easily If you open our demo and think it looks professional and impressive. That's our success and why you need this theme.
  • New Apps and Themes in March 2017

    New Apps and Themes in March 2017

    If you have a chance to visit phpFox Store, you will see that our 3rd party developers have filled March with many new apps and themes there. Let have a look at the long list of those New Apps and Themes in March 2017 below.1. Featured Videos by Foxer -      - Introduction:           ++ We have created Featured Videos app that makes the functionality of your Video module stronger: now you can make explicit videos featured and allow your users to suggest their videos be featured.           ++ Featured videos block will display on member's home page and on video page (above the list of videos).2. Live Search by CodeMake IT Company -      - Introduction: Live search is a search app for PHPFox global search that returns results as the user types for what they are looking. Supports all apps which have Global Search callback. The app working on mobile version too.3. Cash Payment by CodeMake IT Company -      - Introduction: This system is for cash payment gateway. This module is useful for getting money in cash. With the help of this module, members can confirm payments of their clients in your phpFox website.4. Mobile App-Full package (iOS + Android) [V4] by YouNetCo -      - Introduction: Mobile App is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for phpFox V4 based site is another perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your users to experience your site but also make your site more professional.5. Mobile Apps-iOS (iPhone + iPad)[V4] by YouNetCo -      - Introduction: Mobile App is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for phpFox V4 based site is another perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your users to experience your site but also make your site more professional.6. Mobile App-iOS (iPhone / iPad) [V4] by YouNetCo -      - Introduction: Mobile App is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for phpFox V4 based site is another perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your users to experience your site but also make your site more professional.7. Mobile App-Android [V4] by YouNetCo -      - Introduction: Mobile App is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for phpFox V4 based site is another perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your users to experience your site but also make your site more professional.8. INTERKASSA 2.0 RU / EN / UA SCI (Shop Cart Interface) by ComeMore -      - Introduction:           ++ Available payways : Advcash, Alfaclick (Alfabank), Beeline, Bitcoin, btce, Mobile shops «Sotoviy mir», Mobile shops «Cifrograd», CONTACT, EasyPay, Ecoin, Mobile shops «Euroset», Exmo, Internet-bank Faktura, Ibox, LEADER, LiqPay, Mastercard, Visa, Megaphone, The salons, MTS, OKPay, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Privat24, Terminals Of Privatbank, Internet Bank «PSB-Retail», Qiwi Purse, RBK Money, Russian Bank, Terminals Of Russia, Sberbank Online, Mobile shops «Svyaznoy», SWIFT bank transfer, TELE 2, Interner-bank «Tinkoff», Terminals in Ukraine, Unistream, Wallet One, WebMoney,           ++ Currency: UAH ,USD, EUR, RUB, GEL           ++ SCI (Shop Cart Interface) is a software interface that allows any merchant automatically accept payments online To configure you need to specify --- Your current shop ID in Interkassa and Your current secret key in Interkassa Let your customers pay as they want. More than 50 payment ways: Deposit USD, Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet, WebMoney, SMS-payments, online banking, Cash9. Digital Download by CodeMake IT Company -      - Introduction: Make it work for you. Without a doubt, Digital Download is a complete Digital eCommerce solution for PHPFox. Right out of the box, it is prepared to power your online business without the need of any other dependencies. However, we believe that your system should be tailored to your needs without the added weight of unwanted functionality. We strive to perfect this balance with our customization service.10. OKpay by ComeMore -      - Introduction: International payment system of accepting payments for Your site11. Advanced Event by FoxExpert -      - Introduction:           ++ Share events with many new options (host details, google map integration, Recurring Events, Event tags)           ++ Great filtering options (12 different sorting options included calendar and location search)           ++ Many new pages such as Calendar view, Big google map with events markers (additional info in popup), Events Home (including slideshow, categories with icons and tabs with different sort events).           ++ Totally new design of standard pages with many new features such as Google calendar, iCal, Yahoo Calendar integration. Users Diary.           ++ Selling tickets feature with QR image. Setup limited count of tickets, Reservation tickets system.           ++ More than 23 new blocks.           ++ Responsive design (works well on mobile)   12. Comment IMG by Scheinwelt-Media -       - Introduction: With this app, your users can share images directly in comments without uploading them to the server.   13. iDEAL TargetPay by ComeMore -       - Introduction: Since its introduction in 2005, iDEAL has proven itself as the standard in online payments in The Netherlands. More than a quarter of a billion payments were processed already. iDEAL is, in fact, a payment that is handled via the online banking software of the consumer's bank. It is supported by all major banks in The Netherlands.   14. Payza by ComeMore -      - Introduction:           ++ Use Payza to shop online or process payments on your e‑commerce website.           ++ Payza supports credit cards, bank accounts, Bitcoin, and more.15. Yandex.Money RUSSIA by ComeMore -      - Introduction: Yandex.Money - Only for Russian users. The service of electronic payments in Runet. It allows you to accept payment by electronic money, cash, Bank cards. To use some features, you can also through mobile applications for Android, IOS, Windows Phone and app for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Payment currency is Russian ruble.16. Live Rates by -      - Introduction: We have created Live Rates app that responds swiftly to fluctuating market prices, in the event of economic instability or global events with far-reaching impact.17. Skrill International Payment gateway by ComeMore -      - Introduction:           ++ With whatever is connected to Your business – with bets, games, sales, trade in the foreign exchange market or from other sectors of business, select the most suitable for your customers' payment methods. Extend the reach of your business by adding local and alternative payment methods, as well as the possibility of payment card.           ++ Skrill gives you the advantages in very high in this area of security standards. Millions of customers around the world use our cutting-edge technology to reduce risks and combat fraud, to make payments in 40 currencies in over 200 countries.           ++ Through one easy integration You get access to over 100 payment methods globally18. Horoscope plus In Relation by FoxExpert -      - Introduction: Stay up with daily horoscope information and know what surprises are waiting for you. In relation, features help you to be in close relation with lovely people in your life. 2 widgets which totally change your social network!19. Business Template [V4] by YouNetCo -      - Introduction:           ++ Are you finding a breakthrough in template development? We believe that you all will be surprised when approaching and interacting with our Business Template. Business Template has a creative, impressive, totally different design with many specific sections in one page. It is also very easy, convenient to use and flexible for admin to manage all items displayed on Landing page.           ++ This is not only the most suitable template for business communities but also the best for all kind of communities which need a beautiful, featured, friendly and trendy template for their intended audience.20. Advanced video by FoxExpert -      - Introduction:           ++ Share Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion/Facebook videos or upload any format.           ++ Videos home page and quick view for all videos.           ++ Add Youtube channels or create your own channels           ++ Add Youtube playlists or create your own.           ++ Play playlist in a new window, during surfing site.           ++ Watch later, Favourite, History pages.           ++ Good monetization: Sell videos and charge money for featured videos.           ++ More than 20 different widgets.21. Comment Mode by Scheinwelt-Media -      - Introduction: With this app users can only edit the last comment. This is for admins that want to give their users the ability to correct misspelling but not changing old comments where other users have commented on.22. iFrame Page by Scheinwelt-Media -      - Introduction: This app creates up to 4 pages with integrated iframe. Note: The pages you add in the form have to allow iframes otherwise it will show a blank page in the frame.23. Grade Service by CodeMake IT Company -      - Introduction: There are situations when you don't know, what clients think about your products and services. It is very important to know opinions of clients in order to implement a successful project. "The app grade" helps you to know the opinions of your clients according to rating scales that you set in admin. There is a chart, that you can see the average statics of rating scales of your questions. There is a convenient form of the addition and application settings. Feel free to install the application. You will not regret! Who owns the information, that person owns the situation.
  • New apps and themes in February 2017

    New apps and themes in February 2017

    Let's have a quick look back on some new apps and themes in February 20171. Advanced Music from - Introduction:++ Multiple uploads mp3 files and Soundcloud integration++ Sticky player (play song, albums, artists songs, playlists) during your browsing site.++ Good design and more than 23 blocks++ Users can sell songs and add all information about song (album, artist, lyric, youtube video, cost and etc)++ Based on standard phpfox music plugin (you will save current content).2. Backup and Restore from YouNetCo - Introduction:++ Your phpFox community isn't really safe unless you have a solid backup plan. Many things could go wrong from hackers, server crashes, malware, user errors, accidentally deleted files, to bad commands... Keeping that in minds, we developed the Backup And Restore app and it will help your sites and content be considerably safer.++ Backup And Restore is a complete phpFox backup module with automatic scheduling support. It allows you to easily create different backup schedules (every 4 hours, every 8 hours, every 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) for your database and files; and store them in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, My SQL Database, SFTP Server, and even email them to specific email addresses.++ Last but not least, restoring a phpFox community from backup is also very simple - just click a button and begin restoring any backup in just a few minutes. You can restore to your current site, or to an alternate test site.3. Geo Feed from Scheinwelt-Media - Introduction: With this app, your users can filter the feed based on geolocation.++ Set background and text color++ Set title and filter label++ Filter for country, state & city4. Menu Mod from Scheinwelt-Media - Introduction: With this app, you can hide main menu items for specific usergroups.++ Set different groups with their own hidden menus
  • New apps and themes in January 2017

    New apps and themes in January 2017

     Let's summarize an exciting month of the phpFox community with New apps and themes in January 2017 for social network builders. 1. Regions / States from Foxer      Introduction: We have created this app to cover missing regions and states for all countries all over the world. Over 4 thousand regions will be added and will automatically appear if user selects any country available on registration or when searching for members on members browse page.      Codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, special areas of geographical interest, and their principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) were set according to ISO 3166-2.2. Advanced News / RSS feeds from      Introduction: Need cool plugin for showing latest news and articles? This module allow your users add any rss channels and news. Have a good options for sharing content.Also this plugin create tons of new pages with good seo. Many blocks and cool features, buy it and we will install it for free.3. Comment Button Advanced from Scheinwelt-Media      Introduction: This app adds a button to the comment form. You can now write comments without sending them on enter. If users pressing enter they will get a new line.4. Social Store from YouNetCo      Introduction: With the rise of Electronic Commerce and Social Media, there’s been a major push towards Social Commerce, where social networks are changing themselves to offer a way to earn, including a more convenient online shopping and selling experience. Our Store helps you to manage your own Social Commerce marketplace, where people come to buy and sell in a social way. We support shoppers find anything they need. We help retailers/merchants build their own Store, list their goods even they are planning to sell physical or downloadable items.      We also provide you solutions making some profit from the site, since you are supported to charge sellers a fee for opening stores as well as get commission amount on each transaction.5. User Dashboard from Foxer      Introduction: This app adds a stylish block that shows user's info on user profiles and when user is on his home page.6. Advanced Photo/Albums from      Introduction: Plugin extends the standard phpfox plugin Photo. We added more than 20 different blocks and changed design of all pages. Created 2 new pages (Photos home and photos by category). Many admin settings including 2 design of browsing albums (pinterest style and grid style)
  • Featuring the Andromeda theme for phpFox Neutron

    Today we are excited to feature one of the latest themes recently: the Andromeda theme for phpFox Neutron. As one picture is worth a thousand words, we will not try to explain how we feel about the theme, but we leave the evaluation for you, the network administrators.[gallery type="slideshow" size="full" link="none" ids="590,591,592,593,594,595,596"]Get the Andromeda Theme
  • phpFox Legacy Theme for Neutron

    With lots of new themes for the phpFox v4, we always keep some legacy themes for old-fashioned social network administrators. Now you can see the phpFox Legacy Theme for Neutron in our phpFox store.Get the Legacy Theme[gallery type="slideshow" link="file" size="large" ids="549,554,553,552,551,550,548"]