Articles in this category are about the phpFox Store - a marketplace where clients can purchase apps, themes, languages, packages developed by 3rd party developers or offer them a customization, development work.

  • New phpFox Store is here!

    New phpFox Store is here!

    As we announced early this year, phpFox Store is one of our major updates in 2018. And now the wait is over. We are delighted to inform that the new phpFox Store is already available for you to experience. phpFox Store is the official phpFox marketplace developed by the phpFox team for third-party experts and our valued clients. In this new release, we bring a brand new look on the Store includes new layouts, designs, features... These changes primarily aim to improve user experiences upon finding apps, purchasing apps, installing apps and managing purchases.   Aside from the significant improvements in user interfaces, the new Store also is a big leap in term of functionalities as several upgrades and extensions on features have been implemented or re-designed workflows. Surely, the new Store is capable of fulfilling any user's needs and demands. One epoch-making improvement for privacy and management is that accounts on the new Store (including Experts) are now synced with accounts in Client Area. This transition ensures that you can manage your account and your purchases more securely and conveniently. Since new phpFox Store has many new features and new layouts, it will take time for experts to update their products and profiles. So please try and enjoy this new release of phpFox Store. Also, let us know your opinions on this new release of the Store. In case you need any extra help from the team on Store inquiries, you can always reach us.  
  • Sneak Peak for the new phpFox Store

    Sneak Peak for the new phpFox Store

    Bringing the phpFox store to the next level is one of our ongoing projects to give you the best experience ever. We are making big changes in the store that will absolutely make your accessibility better than before. Let's take a look at how the new phpFox store would look like. NOTICE: These images and layouts are just mock-ups of the design of the new store. The content of the images doesn't represent any of the actual data in the phpFox store apps, themes, experts, languages, and packages.  The Welcome Page The Home Page The Experts (a.k.a 3rd Party Developers) The Menu So basically, this is how the new phpFox store looks like. Aside from its new look, you can also purchase apps directly in the store without logging in your AdminCP. We will integrate the "Add to Cart" option for the clients who will purchase more than 1 product at the same time. This is how the App will look like when you try to view them individually. Mobile Site We also made sure that you can easily access the store directly from your mobile phones. This is how the phpFox store appears on the mobile devices. Homepage Menu App Detail View That's all for now. We would like to hear your thought about this new phpFox store. Please give us any feedback and contact us via your client area if you have any suggestions or ideas which can possibly be added to the new phpFox store. Our main objective here is to give our clients the best experience using our store so all the criticisms, ideas and suggestions are welcome. While we are still working on this, you can still check and purchase all the 3rd party plugins in our existing store. We also encourage you to ask our live chat agent on our website if you have any questions.   phpFox Team
  • phpFox Store Policy – Highlight Notes you should know

    As you may have known, we are still in progress of improving the phpFox store day by day. The goal is to create a store listing all products created by our 3rd party developers. This creates a trusted environment for our clients and it also brings benefits to our developers too. In this article we list out some highlight notes you should know in phpFox Store Policy. Developers can develop, submit to get approval and sell their products in phpFox store. A product can be an app, a theme, a language pack or a package. Products in the store can have feedbacks (in term of reviews and ratings by clients) and are promoted automatically to featured, top rated section followed our defined criteria. Also, developers are allowed to report an abused review to admin and provide necessary info to prove that. Developers are acknowledged and showcased in the developers listing page for clients to approach and contact, to ask for support or offer works. We currently have a special discount to purchase the phpFox developer license for those who have products in store or will submit products to store within 30 days after they are listed in developers page. Clients can find and purchase products in store embedded right in AdminCP of their phpFox site (e.g. Only Developers login is allowed in phpFox web store - in the mean time and Client login is not allowed but it will very soon be available in our next upgrades for the store. (more…)
  • New phpFox Store Improvements

    Despite freezing weather and Christmas lights shining all over the city, phpFox has not ever slowed down on our new product releases and future updates. We've got some fascinating news regarding phpFox Store Improvements for you to know and prepare for your apps, templates, languages, packages: Hovering tooltip shows Meta Description of the app You may want to update your Meta Description of your app now because currently when the user hovers to an app in phpFox store, it shows the Meta Description of the app. Update the Meta Description in phpFox Store>> Manage Products >>  Description (more…)
  • (Resolved) Issues with Purchasing Apps/Themes

    Issue has been resolved. We are currently aware of several issues with purchasing Apps/Themes from our Store. We are working on resolving these and will update the community once they have been resolved.   Thank you for your patience.