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  • Niche Idea – the first step to create Niche Social Network

    Niche Idea – the first step to create Niche Social Network

    When you are aware of the benefits of Niche Social Network, it is also time you face those questions: How to create your own social network? Where do I start to build a website like Facebook? How to successfully create Social Network from scratch and monetize it?... Don’t worry or feel loss, isn’t everyone so? Let's step-by-step figure that out by going through our how-to series: How To Create Niche Social Network Why Niche Social Network? Niche networks are, by definition, groups of people who are intensely interested in a certain topic. People will be able to discuss the topic at hand without countless clutter and posts on other subjects getting in the way (e.g Facebook, Twitter…) Linkedin, the world largest Niche Social Network started by the idea of business-oriented community. It helps users create profile as resume like, invite and connect each other instead of friending, sharing and discuss expertise topics, experiences Nowadays, users tend to use more Niche Social since the concern of privacy, communication, knowledge, and interests. On the other hand, owning a Niche Social Network means you own that niche market. Community management will be much more effective and efficient with lower cost and efforts [caption id="attachment_5488" align="aligncenter" width="671"] How to create your Niche Social Network?[/caption] Let’s start from the very first step of creating your own Social Network: Niche Idea Steve Jobs 1996 famous quote: "Picasso had a saying -- 'good artists copy; great artists steal' -- and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." I mentioned that so even when you don’t have your breakthrough idea yet but still you can plan to have one base on the compiling others ideas, nurture, adding value and make it your own With Niche concept, you don’t have to target large community. It could be your own interests and meet others in term of hobbies, expertise or situations. You can start your niche idea by identifying niche community, this can base on 2 important factors: (1) psychological factor, (2) demographic data Gather all the information, data you have on the targeted community including what do prospect members sharing about common interests? What are their preferences? Like and dislikes? Incentives? Where are they?... Let’s say you have your own customers that use your products or services, this is the easiest way to approach since you know their wants, needs and how to cater them. Or you are one of the fans in specific activities, professional group member and you understand who are also like you, where are they and what brings them together, it’s great to define that community and lead it. Engaging your niche community: Since you identify your community and its preferences in your idea, great start! Now let fine tune it by deciding how you would approach them. There would be 2 common practice approaches - Narrow group approach: Focus on small but value prospect group of members in your community first. Apply the best understandings to add value, benefits and set a clear path to investing on how to promote and encourage this group expansion Even Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg started with a group of students from Ivy League Schools, using their reputations and relationships to develop a much bigger networking later on With this strategy, you can narrow down investment and effort from the beginning stage. Focus on functions, marketing and values adding on the platform you would build - Large-scale approach: normally this is borderless demographic approach, focus on general interests and recruit as much as members from the beginning Instead of just Social Network for Tax consultants, you can start with Consultants Social Network where any consultant can join and showcase their works from legal, accounting, healthcare to psychology...This will help you more opportunity to approach larger targeted members base Each approach has its own pros and cons and you can choose one, mix them or selectively use in phases as well. This has to be carefully planned as it fulfills your original idea and shaping how your Social Network Site functions. Conclusion: When niche social network and its benefits are clearly adding value to your vision and business, you can start building your own Social Network easily. First of all, it starts with a Niche Idea, where you identify your niche community base on psychological factors, demographic data...Then plan out how you can engage to that community by which strategy. You may now asking what to do next base on your idea, please check out our post for the second article on how to oversee functional Social Network. You can subscribe to our newsletter mailing list or our social channels   Bottomline: Going through this brainstorm you can definitely have your idea about your Social Network - the strong start to build, maintain and monetize your own community. Don’t worry about how strong or weak of your idea or how to make it happen, you can contact us at - number one Social Network Platform! Our experts and partners are happy to assist you from the day one toward your successful community
  • Your Ultimate Social Network Solution

    Your Ultimate Social Network Solution

    "Ultimate Social Network Solution" - this is what phpFox is all about. People nowadays are so familiar using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other big social networks out there. But did you know that you can also build a Social Network? Have you ever thought of becoming a CEO of your own Social Network site? It is possible with phpFox. With phpFox's ultimate solution, that doesn't require any technical knowledge, you can bring your social network ideas into reality. Whether you want to clone a social network like Facebook or create a unique online community store, we can help you. Here are the things you need to know: Social Network Functionalities. In phpFox, you can choose from three different packages with default functionalities. It includes all the essential features of a social network. Some of the best features are Blogs,  Forums, Marketplace, Subscription, and Ads. See the complete features for your yourself. Clean and Attractive Design. phpFox software comes with two designed templates. The Bootstrap and the very latest and most outstanding template, the Material Template. You can either choose Bootstrap or Material Template to use it as a default theme on your site. These two templates are fully customizable. Customization and Extended Plugins. When you buy a phpFox script, you will have a 100% full access to the codes giving you the power to fully customize your site. You can also reach out to our 3rd party experts if you are having any difficulty in customizing your site. You can also search free and paid 3rd party plugins, themes, and language packs from the phpFox store and use it on your site. Fast and Reliable Support. phpFox software has an online User Manual or Documentation Center where you can find tutorials or how-to steps in order for your site to be up and running quickly. You can also join the Community Forum to read and share ideas with other phpFox users. Last but certainly not the least, the phpFox Helpdesk Support. You can easily submit a support ticket in your client area whenever you encounter any issues on your site. You can read the support details at phpFox Support Policy. Mobile Apps (IOS and Android). This 2018, phpFox will have its very own native mobile application. We will keep you updated about the progress on our future blog announcements.In the meantime, you can check some of the mobile apps developed by 3rd party experts First-class phpFox Services. Worry no more with our complete phpFox Services. We provide these services to everyone but most especially to those who don't have any technical background. You can just sit back and relax while we set up everything for you. From designing your website, server setups, software installation up to initial configuration, we will do the works. Just choose the most suitable package and we'll do the rest. Now when you want to create an online dating site, build an online shopping store, or bring your ideas into a social network site, all you have to do to get started is to find a hosting provider (see phpFox Hosting and Recommended Hosts) and select any of the phpFox packages. You can also ask our live chat agent on our website or send an email to and we'd love to hear from you.
  • How to make money in Social Network?

    How to make money in Social Network?

    Have you ever thought of having your own Social Network? Do you imagine yourself how it feels to manage a famous website like Facebook? How about building your own community for professionals like LinkedIn? There are lots of popular Social networks out there but what do you think is the reason they are getting bigger and better every day?  What do they get in return? People have their own reasons why they want to build Social Network. Some just want to connect people by building a niche community. And others want to monetize or make money from it. The question is, how can you make money from Social Network? Alright, now you're in. Let's talk about money. We will show you how you can generate income from a social network. But in order to achieve that, you have to be proactively promoting your site. There are lots of ways you can do to promote your site. And this is very important in order to have your site gain popularity and achieve your desired target number of members. The more members your site have, the bigger income your site will get. We will also try to give you some ideas on how to grow your community in a different article. But for this one, we will focus on how you can make money from it. We have a lot of successful clients running social network sites using phpFox script who are actually earning not just hundreds but thousands of dollars from maximizing the monetization features of their site. What are the features to monetize your site? In phpFox, we didn't just build a script with essential features of a social network, we also made sure that it has a lot of features you can use for monetization. The following are some of the proven features used for generating income in a social network. Ads If you're managing a social network, it will be easy for you to allow your members to run Ads on your site. You can allow your users to create ads and you will have the full control on how much these ads would cost. If you are running a social network with members all around the globe, Ads will be definitely beneficial to your users who want to showcase or promote their products or services in a specific location, with specific age range, or type of people. With this feature, your site will automatically generate an income by allowing your users to leverage the usage of Ads. Subscription Another feature to consider in monetizing your site is a Member Subscription. As an owner, you can define the access level of your members on your site. Old members who are already familiar with your site can easily choose if they want to stay as normal users or wants to upgrade their membership to a paid one with full access to your site. But you'll have to accept the fact the newbies will register on your site and choose free membership. Members subscribed under the free membership level has a limited access on your site. As mentioned earlier, you as an owner have the power to set or define the access level of your members. As a result, setting limited access to free membership will make them decide to subscribe to a paid one or a VIP membership level to fully access the functionalities of your site. This clearly shows that your site will generate an income through the subscription process. Marketplace This feature allows your users to buy and sell items on your site. The seller can easily create their own listing and set the price for the product or item they sell. The buyer can easily contact the seller whenever they have questions regarding the product in the listing. The buyer can also directly purchase the product or item in the marketplace by activating the Buy Now button.  But how can this feature benefit your site? You can actually allow your sellers to purchase a sponsored ads space in the marketplace. As an admin, you can set the price for each sponsored ads.  This way, the product or item of the seller on sale will be displayed on top as a sponsored item and will be easily noticed by the buyers. Purchasing sponsored space in the Marketplace could bring the seller more sales so they will more likely to purchase the sponsored ads space wherein your site can earn from it. Events Event in any form is one of the very important factors in a social network. It can use to setup a simple meet up or create big parties. It can give your users a chance to organize a specific event to showcase their products or services for example.  As an Admin of the site, you can create a specific UserGroup that allows creating events. In order for your users to join this specific usergroup, they will need to subscribe by paying the membership fee or be promoted by using the activity points. Event organizers can also look for sponsors who could finance the promotion of their event. One way of promoting an event is by purchasing ads space. In return, event organizer will feature their sponsor in the said event. It's like an X-deal for both organizer and sponsor while your site generates income from it. Activity Points This feature plays a big role in the phpFox social network. Enabling activity points will allow your users to gain points in all their activities within your site. It could be earned by creating blogs, commenting on a post, creating a new item, etc. These activity points can be used to purchase items within the site or also be used to be promoted to a specific usergroup. The users can be promoted if they reach the required points.  Users who don't have enough points can purchase activity points in order to be promoted and to be subscribed to a membership or to purchase an item. All of these features mentioned above are just some of the ways you can do to make money using Social Network. You can check out the monetization page on our website to learn more on how you can generate an income when you own a social network website. You can also contact us for more information and we will provide the best solution for your social network project. Purchase your own license now and start earning.
  • Taking a Facebook Clone to the Next Level

    Welcome to our August inFocus! This article focuses on how you can take the "Facebook Clone" phpFox social network script and take it to the next level by customizing it. Our phpFox Neutron script is a great starting point for any type of website, however, you'll want to put your own unique spin on it in order to compete with other sites out there. The great news is that our script is highly customizable and most things are done right within the AdminCP. Read on for details on how to achieve success with customizations for your social network! (more…)
  • Build a Successful Website with Niche Markets

    A Niche can be very important in distinguishing your website from the billions of sites already on the world wide web. This article will focus on building a successful site with Niche markets. (more…)
  • Earning money with Your phpFox Social Network

    Welcome to our July inFocus! This article focuses on earning money with your phpFox social network community. Many people want to hear the Cha-Ching of fast cash coming from their website. The great news is that the phpFox social network script offers many different earning opportunities. We'll focus on those so you can see various ways to earn money from your website. (more…)
  • Monetise with Vieber’s Pay to be Featured App

    Monetise with Vieber’s Pay to be Featured App

    Check out the Pay to be Featured App
  • Make Money with phpFox Social Network

    Most people have specific goals when they start an online social network. These goals are usually to connect with fellow hobbyist, create a niche community and/or to make money online. If you're focusing on managing your very own Social Network, and you're doing it part- or full-time; then you'll most likely need to generate income from it. We have a few clients that are running phpFox websites that are very successful. In fact so successful that they're earning thousands of dollars per hour! Note that each social website is unique and that it requires continuous self-promotion in order to get members. Promotion of your social website is extremely vital at pre-launch, launch and shortly after a launch. You would need to promote your website enough to get a good amount of active members/clients/following in order to generate an income on your social network. How to promote your social website prior to launch will not be covered in this article. This article will cover how to make money on an already launched phpFox v3 social network with active members. For most of the below suggestions you will need to have enabled your payment gateway for your phpFox website. The below features are included in the Ultimate Package of phpFox v3. Here are some suggestions that has generated income for some social networks online: - Ads - Sponsored Newsletter - Membership Subscription - Social Marketplace - Events & Meetups - Donation Do note that most of the time managing the several suggestions above requires a bit of luck, strategic planning and hard work - specially in the beginning of a social website creation. Ads It's no secret that Facebook is the most popular social network online, and one that most of our clients refer to when they want to start a community. As of June 2014 Facebook housed 1.3 billion active users[1], ranking the 2nd most visited website globally. Most of Facebook's revenue come from advertising to their members. The revenue of Facebook continuous to grow steadily each year and the revenue for 2013 was $7.87 billion[2]. Facebook (and similar leading Social Networks online) are inspirations to our goal in making money off our Social Networks. The more active users a community have - the more you, as the site owner, can earn. By default there is a highly advanced Ad Manager included in phpFox. There are several solutions to advertising to your users in your community. - Create Ads on phpFox You can add ads from advertising companies such as Google AdSense. You can also add campaign from affiliate networks, earning a commission from whatever your members purchase from the affiliated websites. By creating a page via the phpFox CMS feature, in the AdminCP, you welcome companies who aren't registered with you to advertise on your website. By putting up a nice "Advertise with us" page you expand the opportunity of business and local companies reaching out to you and paying you to advertise for your members. When you create ads by uploading an advertising image or you could copy & paste HTML code from the advertising companies you are registered with (eg. Google AdSense). Within the same feature you can create a start date and an end date (or you could leave the ad looping). You can also limit the total views and clicks on the ad, as well as allow the ad to have unlimited views and clicks. A live placement pre-view can be viewed as to where you would like your ads to be placed. Another great feature in the phpFox Ad Campaign Manager is that you can target your audience based on their usergroup, location, gender and age. - Allow Your Members & Registered Companies to create ads This feature functions similar to the ordinary admin campaign setup, the main difference is that you allow your registered member, or registered company on your website, to create the Ad Campaign within their account. Giving you the power of automatisation, which in turn leads to less administrative work for you! Less work in small things can give you the opportunity to focus on great things! Sponsored Newsletter With sponsored newsletter you can either contact companies & local businesses and ask them if they want to sponsor your newsletter to x amount of your members - that is: x amount of their potential buyers/clients. You can either add an appealing image of their product/services and/or add a text at the top or bottom mentioning your sponsor. A lot of bigger blogs have their blog entries sponsored by companies - a similar setup can be used with newsletter. An example is to beginning your newsletter with a paragraph saying: "This newsletter was brought to you by Company X. They provide excellent Y services/products. They're the leading brand within their market. Make sure to stop by their website [link] for more information." The benefit of companies advertising or sponsoring newsletter is that they get a closer attention from their potential target. It is also a more intimate way to reach their target. This due to that most people who are subscribed to newsletter from websites actually read through most of the newsletter. If you compare ordinary site ads with sponsored newsletter - the impression is more focus with a newsletter as the receiver is focused on the mail, while the site browser is more focus on the website content rather than the site ad. Unless, of course, the site ad is remarkably tantalising that is demands attention. Membership Subscription phpFox comes with an advanced User Group Module giving you, as the site admin, the power to create different membership that has access to various features. The User Group Module is connected to a Subscription Module, which in return allows for Paid/Premium Membership Packages. There are Different Ways to Setup a phpFox Membership Site. You can create a free membership with limited access to your Social Network, while you create a Premium Membership which will give your members free (or more) access to your community. You can also disable ads for paid memberships, while freemium accounts would see the ads. Another alternative is to allow paid members to upload items to specific module. An example is a Music Social Website where you allow your premium members to upload music to your website. As the User Group Module is functionally vast there are tons of options a Site Admin can do to create a membership based community. You would need to enable the phpFox Subscription Module in order to offer freemium/premium memberships. When you've create your different user group (a.k.a membership levels) then you can offer a Membership Comparison Page to show your members the differences between each membership packages. Social Marketplace Opening up a Marketplace within a Social Network has its perks, especially if you primarily started your website as a Social Network. Opening up a Marketplace (a.k.a Classified or E-Commerce) gives you, as the Community Admin, the confidence of your members to trust your Marketplace enough to buy something from it directly. This is because you already have an audience who trust you. The promotional pre-launch part of a webshop has already been done with an active community. You can allow your members to create Classified Listing within your Marketplace and manage the payment between the seller and themselves. You can also allow your members to pay to the seller via the community by enabling the buy now button in the phpFox Marketplace. Another great feature you can monetize with is to enable sponsored ads in your social marketplace. Giving your members who paid to be feature a closer step to their audience. Events & Meetups With the User Group Module you can disable Event Creation for regular members and only allow it for members who paid a subscription fee, either one-time or recurring fee. Creating a local Social Network gives you the advantage to make a focused and locally based promotion of your website. Telling friends & family, telling co-workers and former classmates about your community. Another pro is that you can ask local businesses to sponsor an event you're community throws. Donation Add a simple Donate Button to your website for your members to pay with PayPal. You'll make it easy for anyone who wants to spontaneously be generous. Although, not the biggest income giver, it's a small addition to your community's wallet! A small addition is better than none. little by little, a little becomes A LOT - Tanzanian Proverb There could be a few more monetization solution than mentioned in the article, but we're hoping that the suggestions will help you to make money with your social network. Use phpFox to create your online community. Mobile Friendly Earn money on your social network Integrate your brand. No "Powered by" You own your website and it's content   Get Started   1. Company Info | Facebook Newsroom 2. Facebook Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Results.