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  • 5 Ideas To Build An Engaged Online Learning Community

    5 Ideas To Build An Engaged Online Learning Community

    Many students are experiencing isolation and a lack of connection, particularly with their classmates, as we are in the midst of a period of social distancing and many schools will be closed for the remainder of the year. People and collaboration, on the other hand, are frequently the most enjoyable aspects of the classroom. Collaboration and connection are critical to our academic and social success. They can happen more naturally when we are confronted with the environment, which is why we must be more intentional in allowing this to happen when we are far away. Here are 5 ideas to build an engaged online learning community to connect students and teachers. Make use of activity feed When students access an online learning community, the first thing they see is the activity feed. As a result, it should be the location where important information such as general announcements, event updates, upcoming courses, offers, and more are posted. Learners can easily keep up with everything around them. They also receive timely notifications, ensuring that they do not miss anything important. Utilize Instant messaging feature A friendly approach to communication always yields the best results. That is why, if you want to create an engaged online learning community, you should make use of instant messaging to increase communication efficiency. Private messaging enables professors to communicate with students at their leisure in order to share their knowledge and answer questions. The instant messaging function should be used because it allows you to respond quickly when needed. If you are or will be creating an online learning community using the phpFox platform, this is the time to keep an eye on ChatPlus. Categorize groups A community is a place where students with similar interests can come together. For example, if your community is centered on digital marketing, you might have a separate group for Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. You should make a separate group for each course. Make certain that these groups are formed based on the interests of the students. Having different groups is also beneficial for sharing resources and promoting learning among participants. Activate forums You can activate forums that allow for discussion in your online learning community. One simple strategy is to share a text, a quote, or a question for discussion with the entire class and provide a brief overview and guidance before assigning them to discussion groups. Even if information follows its own pace, that doesn't mean your learners should limit sharing their knowledge or perspectives. Forums are arguably the most popular way to establish communication for an engaged online community. Ability to give feedback Building an engaged online learning community where students can give each other feedback is a practical way to connect learners and make it easier for teachers to manage their work. This is just as important for their academic success as it is for their emotional bond. While students can do this on their own, facilitating the teacher will provide more networking opportunities. It is important to build an engaged online learning community A well-invested and built online learning community will bring a lot of great benefits to both students and teachers. Hope these 5 ideas to build an engaged online learning community will help you in implementing your plan. If you are planning to build an online learning community, phpFox can help. We are the leading online community platform that can help you kick start your plan quickly and easily. Along with free consultancy, we offer an optimal package while setting up and other services for your ideal online community. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message at
  • Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?

    Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?

    ChatPlus was born to take the responsibility of bringing the communication of your phpFox online community to a higher level. Let’s dive in to know what ChatPlus is, and why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community.
  • Memorial Day Sale 2021 – The prices dropped just for you

    Memorial Day Sale 2021 – The prices dropped just for you

    We are running great deals for Memorial Day 15% DISCOUNT on license and solution purchases and upgrades. Duration: 26th to 31st May 2021
  • How to monetize phpFox site with subscriptions?

    How to monetize phpFox site with subscriptions?

    In our last blog, we have shared how to monetize your online community. There are many ways for you to start making money from the community, such as charging membership,  advertising fees or earning from the marketplace, etc. You can go back here to read again. Today, we're going to dive into how to monetize phpFox with subscriptions. The riches are the niches Have you ever heard the saying “The riches are the niches”? It appears a lot on youtube videos, social networking sites, or blogs. And the truth is, this is a very, very true statement. While a lot of businesses struggle with the generalities and non-specifics, other companies have started creating their niche communities to increase profits and create real value for users. Obviously, specialization will lead to success in the fastest and most effective way. That's why more and more membership sites, private communities, and online courses are popping up. In particular, to access these sites, you need to pay a recurring fee to maintain the account. You spend money, you get value, you succeed. Indeed, the riches are the niches. First, let's start with the most basic concept. What is a Membership/Subscription site? This is a website where access to specific content is secured. To be able to view the content within the website, members need to have a valid account on the site. Now let's dive deeper into how membership sites work. It is a free site or paid site for members to log in. Depending on the specific level of content users want to access, there will be different subscription packages. Users are required to pay a fee to access the contents within the website. So, how to create a niche community? Never try to create a one-size-fits-all community like Facebook because it takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Instead, create a niche community that attracts people with similar interests and hobbies. In a large market where your business operates, do your research and segment it. A niche market can simply be understood as a subset of a broader market category. Take grocery stores as an example. Subsets of this huge category will be vegetarian stores, health food stores or shops specializing in hair care products, etc. If you want to build an online learning community where you can monetize offering courses, identify a specific topic and value. It could be a gem-learning community, a yoga class, a baking class, or a community for skincare. Always remember that your niche down your community specifically. Then, build engaging and valuable content to get members involved from the start. Then divide the content into several levels. The more valuable the content, the more likely it attracts members to pay to use it. How to monetize phpFox with subscription? Surely after rekindling the idea, you are very eager to kickstart your membership page. Don't worry, we will show you how to create a membership/subscription page from phpFox. Enable subscription First access to the AdminCP  Go to Subscription from Members menu After accessing the Subscription setting page, Click Setting Enable Subscription Packages: Set to Yes to enable or No to disable subscriptions. (Default is No) Subscription on registration is required?: Set to Yes to require a subscription choice on registration or No to not have subscription choices on - registration. (Default is No) Create subscription packages After accessing the subscription setting page, click New Package Input the information after the form open Title: Put a title so that you and your users will know which subscription package is. (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Business, Pro, etc...). Description: Describe to your users what is in this package Image: (Optional) You can choose a small icon for the subscription package. Approximately 130 x 120px. User Group on Success: User group the user will be moved into upon successful payment. (If this is a free subscription, they will automatically move to it when they select it) User Group on Failure: If the user doesn't pay, this is the user group they will be placed in. Add to Registration: If you want this on the registration, choose Yes. Is Active: Set to Yes if you want this activated or No if you want it to be inactive. This is helpful if you want to set up subscriptions to use at a later time. Subscription Costs: Set to True to show the price of the subscription package. Price: Set the prices (unless free) for each currency you have active on the site. Remember though, if adding currencies later, you need to update this to add the rate for any currencies you add later. Recurring: (Not available for free packages) Set to True if you want the user to pay a recurring fee. This will be set in their Paypal subscriptions and that would be where they cancel it when they want to cancel. Recurring Price: This can be different from your first initial price set at #9. Perhaps you want a low introductory rate and then charge more. You can also make it the same as the initial fee. Recurring Period: If setting this as recurring, you can choose from Monthly, Quarterly, Biannually, and Annually. Background color (for the comparison page): (Optional) This is to set colors for your backgrounds of each subscription if you want to make them stand out. These would show at with short URLs once you've set up the comparisons. Here's a good site to find colors, W3 Schools. Hit Submit when done. That's it! It's really easy to monetize phpFox site with subscriptions. We hope you've found this blog useful. Building an online community can feel overwhelming sometimes. That's why we want to share some information to at least help you kickstart your plan easier. Do not hesitate to tell us your concern whether you're already a client of phpFox or not. You can leave us a ticket at our Client Area or shoot us an email at We're here to help you create your ideal community.
  • Why ChatPlus can leverage your community’s communication

    Why ChatPlus can leverage your community’s communication

    Live chat plays an important role in creating a good user experience of an online community. It allows members to connect with each other in real-time. This feature is completely stronger than the rest of other communication methods as it responds to the needs of users in a timely manner...
  • The Benefits Of Online Learning Communities

    The Benefits Of Online Learning Communities

    With the explosion of information technology, geographical barriers are easily broken thanks to the internet. At the same time, online communities have appeared to become more and more popular and flourish. These are the centers for innovation and education. The online community has created a place for everyone to share and exchange knowledge, experiences, and interests. Most importantly, online learning communities have supported effectively to enhance the learning process over time.  Provide flexibility Not everyone can spend their full time in learning programs. Some people have to work during the day while others are regularly scheduled for long business trips. Therefore, online learning becomes the most convenient option. Online learning communities provide ways for students to study anywhere. In addition, they can join discussion topics at any time including finding, sharing, and exchanging knowledge. Improve communication and remote collaboration Learning how to collaborate with others in an online community help you be a more successful leader. Thus, you will build leadership skills with your experience, construct efficient systems, and decide what the best methods of communication should be. It is necessary to express the ideas effectively, gain input and show your professionalism in the online community. Therefore, joining discussion topics and learning effectively help you a lot in improving yourself. Engage with the community As you stick around and develop yourself over time, it becomes clear that connectivity is the heart of an online community. Through online discussions and activities, you will become more engaged with your community and members. From there, you would have the opportunity to expand your relationships for learning or working purposes. Approach diverse culture Online program students come from all around the world. Since you can log in from anywhere, class conversations carry on a broader variety of viewpoints, allowing you to improve your own multicultural awareness and enriching your education the way you will never know.    Online learning communities are growing ever more, especially in the context of epidemics that prevent students from going directly to schools. They break down many limitations and barriers, bringing success in education for both teachers and students. Want to build an online learning community? Do not hesitate to contact phpFox. We are a leading social network platform that helps to build various types of communities. Leave us your requirements at or raise a ticket at our Client Area to start building your online community.  
  • ☘️Feeling Lucky? It’s St. Patrick’s Day Sale!☘️

    ☘️Feeling Lucky? It’s St. Patrick’s Day Sale!☘️

    It's your lucky day! We're happy to celebrate the coming St. Patrick's Day with our promotion.
  • How To Get Your Businesses Through COVID-19

    How To Get Your Businesses Through COVID-19

    The world is facing serious health and economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has posed lots of challenges for each individual and every business to get over. In this extremely difficult period, leaders need to find solutions to maintain and bring the business through the crisis.
  • 5 Things Make People Spend Money On Your Online Community

    5 Things Make People Spend Money On Your Online Community

    Building an online community is hard, earning money from it is even harder.  Businesses have taken customer insights from the online communities seriously, and others even converted them into income sources by monetizing them.
  • How To Manage And Grow An Online Community

    How To Manage And Grow An Online Community

    If you are running an online community, you need to know how to manage your community successfully. Making your community a success helps you to improve your customer loyalty, boosting your revenue, and increasing your brand awareness. However, building a thriving community is not just a thing that can be done overnight. It requires a lot of effort from community managers. They need to set metrics to measure and monitor all the community activities. Besides, all the data collected needs to be organized and analyzed to get insight to improve the community better. Below are what you need to know if you’re new to community management. Determine the purpose Before starting to build a community, identify the purpose which will be the cornerstone of your community-building and growing. Remember to stick to the purpose while making all the members deeply understand it; therefore, they will provide valuable contributions to your community. Set metrics to measure results Traffic: Check the traffic to your community to understand the effectiveness of your promotion effort to adjust it. Through the traffic, you can see if your community grows over time and what brings the audience to your community. Thereby, you will have more insight on where to target more customers. Engagement: How many people are there in your community versus actually engaging? Which discussion topics they engage most? What makes them excited to participate and what not? Deeply understand these things may give you more ideas on how to create better content for your community. The number of members: How many people are currently joining your community? And, is it increasing or decreasing every month?  Creare thrilling discussion Your community members are strangers that makes them rarely talk amongst one another. So, this is your responsibility as a community manager to create thrilling discussions. Great topics attract members to talk, discuss, and engage more. Moreover, you should collect data and analyze it to know when to create a topic and which topic is suitable for a different time. Host more “Live Streaming”  This is a world of technology, but somehow, people still ask for real interaction. Live Streaming allows you to interact and engage in real-time with your community members. No matter where you are, live streaming helps you easily connect with your audience. Live streaming not only humanizes you but also supports you to build trust loyalty effectively. Ban polluters Your community should have clear guidelines and policies for the members to join. If there’s anyone who ignores the rule, kick them out immediately. This makes the users provide valuable contributions to your community and increase the quality of the community content. Quality over quantity!   Building a community is hard; however, managing, and growing it is even harder. But, the benefits a successful community brings are worth it. If you are planning to build your online community, or want to grow it more effectively, phpFox can help. We are a leading social network platform with a big collection of interesting features. Along with free consultancy, we offer an optimal package while setting up and other services for your ideal online community. Do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion or drop us a message at