phpFox guidelines: best way to build your online community

  • phpFox Store Policy – Highlight Notes you should know

    As you may have known, we are still in progress of improving the phpFox store day by day. The goal is to create a store listing all products created by our 3rd party developers. This creates a trusted environment for our clients and it also brings benefits to our developers too. In this article we list out some highlight notes you should know in phpFox Store Policy. Developers can develop, submit to get approval and sell their products in phpFox store. A product can be an app, a theme, a language pack or a package. Products in the store can have feedbacks (in term of reviews and ratings by clients) and are promoted automatically to featured, top rated section followed our defined criteria. Also, developers are allowed to report an abused review to admin and provide necessary info to prove that. Developers are acknowledged and showcased in the developers listing page for clients to approach and contact, to ask for support or offer works. We currently have a special discount to purchase the phpFox developer license for those who have products in store or will submit products to store within 30 days after they are listed in developers page. Clients can find and purchase products in store embedded right in AdminCP of their phpFox site (e.g. Only Developers login is allowed in phpFox web store - in the mean time and Client login is not allowed but it will very soon be available in our next upgrades for the store. (more…)
  • Spice it up with Apps, Themes, and Languages!

    This article focuses on our phpFox store and how you can spice up your site with some third party products! Perhaps you have noticed that phpFox third-party developers have been busy adding Apps, Themes, and Languages to the store in recent months. These products should help you to make your site unique for your users. Just so you know, our store also features a listing of all third-party developers, complete with ratings! This will help you find a developer if you need custom work done. For more details... (more…)
  • Monetizing with phpFox Marketplace

    We had planned on doing our first one on a third party developer but he's still working on his interview and some things for the store so we'll do that article when he's ready. This time, we'll revisit the first phpFox inFocus we originally did for the Marketplace. Since our Neutron product line has a different look and features, we want to revisit old articles about Monetizing with phpFox Marketplace to bring new ideas and show some new apps that can be used with it. (more…)
  • Developers Tip: Working with blocks in phpFox 4.3

    Creating blocks in phpFox v4 has changed a rather lot with how we create blocks in phpFox in comparison to v3. Creating blocks are done on the fly in an apps start.php file and can be placed on any controller. The current issue we faced is allowing Admins to change the location of a block and allow them to order blocks. In our upcoming release, phpFox v4.3 we have included a new method for developers to work with blocks that will also give Admins the power to manage them. So be sure to read this Developers Tip: Working with blocks in phpFox 4.3. With our current version you can create a block in your start.php using the following method. [code] block(1, 'core.index-member', function() { echo "Hello World!"; }); [/code] In 4.3+ you can use the current method or open up your app.json and assign blocks with unique identifiers. Here is an example [code] { "id": "App_ID", "name": "App Name", "blocks": [ { "callback": "unique_name", "route": "core.index-member", "location": 1 } ] } [/code] Now that you have assigned a block you can create the callback connection in your start.php. [code] block('unique_name', function() { echo "Hello World!"; }); [/code] By using this new method, it registers your block automatically to the block database, which then allows Admins to assign your block to specific routes and/or locations.
  • Developers Tip – Working with Global & User Group Settings in Neutron

    Adding settings for Global & User Group Settings in Neutron to your app is done a little differently in Neutron in comparison to Nebula. Everything can be done from the comfort of your app.json file. To learn more, Check out the article
  • Making your Admin Omnipotent

    With phpFox v4 we changed how each section displays content by default, even for the Admin user itself. Each section, including the activity feed, displays content from a users friends list. This in a sense prevents users from spamming other members, and if they do a user can at anytime unfriend that person.   The only sections that are public are the forums and pages.   By installing the Admin View All Items by ScriptTechs, you make your Admin omnipotent, which will open all sections for you to see and monitor its content.
  • Short URL Rewrite Rules for FastCGI Servers Updated

    If you are upgrading from v3 and run phpFox on the FastCGI protocol you may have run into problems when enabling Short URLs. While, this issue has been resolved with our next release (phpFox v4.0.6), for those that already have v4 up-and-running you will need to manually modify your sites .htaccess file to have Rewrite Rules for FastCGI Servers as the following guide.   To do this, access your web server and open your .htaccess file found in the root directory of your phpFox site.   Look for... RewriteRule ^(file|static|theme|module)/(.*) PF.Base/$1/$2   Replace that line with... RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^(file)/(.*) PF.Base/$1/$2 RewriteRule ^(static|theme|module)/(.*) PF.Base/$1/$2  
  • Developers Tip – Working with Blocks

    Developers Tip – Working with Blocks

    Your phpFox social network app may not need full out controllers and may focus on creating features by providing sites with additional blocks. You can define specific controllers a block should show up on. We have a detailed document about the way to work with blocks.   To learn more, check out the doc
  • Generate Stock Users with Viebers New App

    Generate Stock Users with Viebers New App

    Starting a new community can be a lot of work and when you start inviting users to come visit your site, users like to check how active a community is. Creating fake users is frowned upon in the social networking world, but when it comes down to it, it's an important factor when you first startup. Today we will guide you to Generate Stock Users with the Viebers' New App.   This app builds real users based on the Random User Generator project. The photos user are of real people who have allowed the usage of their photos via the 1,000 faces project. Check out the Stock Users App
  • phpFox Legacy Theme for Neutron

    With lots of new themes for the phpFox v4, we always keep some legacy themes for old-fashioned social network administrators. Now you can see the phpFox Legacy Theme for Neutron in our phpFox store. Get the Legacy Theme [gallery type="slideshow" link="file" size="large" ids="549,554,553,552,551,550,548"]