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  • phpFox 4.7.0 Developer Release

    phpFox 4.7.0 Developer Release

    We delightedly announce that the phpFox 4.7.0 Developer Release is available now. It is necessary to note that The Development Release is for testing purpose and specially delivered to 3rd-party experts only. Experts who are having products on phpFox Store can check and tweak their products for compatibility in the meantime.   phpFox 4.7.0 which is the biggest upgrade in 2018 is expected to be officially released to the public in October. In this version, phpFox takes a big stride with several improvements in performance, scalability, and features to reassure that it is the best platform for Social Network. Please don't forgot to check its Sneak Peek blog for more info. For phpFox Experts You can now download the package of phpFox 4.7.0 Development Release in the Client Area. In order to help you update your products conveniently, we also prepared developer note and changelog.   Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and findings on this Development Release via Ticket System. We appreciate and love to hear feedback and suggestions so we can place finishing touches to phpFox 4.7.0 before launching the official release.
  • phpFox 4.6.1 Developer Release

    phpFox 4.6.1 Developer Release

    phpFox is about to release phpFox version 4.6.1, which includes fixes for issues reported by clients in GitHub and in our Community Forum. It also includes feature improvements that are carefully tested by the phpFox development team. There is also going to have a new AdminCP Layout on this latest version. But before the official release, we will release this dev release for testing purposes. Download the Dev Release package in the Client Area For Testing Purposes This Development Release is specifically for all phpFox 3rd party Experts only. The purpose of this release is for all the 3rd Party Experts to test the compatibility of all 3rd party products which include apps and themes to the latest version of phpFox 4.6.1. The 3rd Party Experts will perform the necessary test and tweak features in this version. Compared to the current phpFox 4.6.0, this version contains many improvements that will absolutely love by phpFox fans out there. We encourage you to submit your feedback via ticket. We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions that can help phpFox 4.6.1 before we launch the official release.
  • phpFox 4.6.0 Development Release

    phpFox 4.6.0 Development Release

    phpFox 4.6.0 Development Release The Developer Build of phpFox 4.6.0 together with the Material template is now available to 3rd party developers. This developer version of phpFox 4.6.0 is a development release which allows all the 3rd party developers to test and tweak features in phpFox's popular Social Network platform. Compared to the latest stable version, this edition contains subtle modifications that make it interesting for phpFox's die-hard fans. As you expected from phpFox, you will get a platform with the very latest design. Strictly for phpFox 3rd Party Developers and Testing Please note that this version of phpFox is strictly a developer release. The main purpose of this release is to check the compatibility of all the 3rd party products in phpFox 4.6.0 Beta Version Soon We are planning to release the Beta Version within the first week of December. This beta software is for all the clients who already have the phpFox license. In this version, you'd be able to access the public beta and try out the latest features. You can provide feedback directly to phpFox via your client area account. Start Your Social Network Today!
  • Get to know more about phpFox 3rd party Developers

    Get to know more about phpFox 3rd party Developers

    More than the core features of phpFox, we would like to introduce to you our valued phpFox 3rd party developers, their products and what they can do to make your site more engaging and stunning. 3rd party developers are the ones supporting phpFox outside the box. From selling powerful apps to customization. You can find more than 200+ products of our 3rd party developers here Aside from these products, they are also providing customization for any additional features that you would likely to integrate to your site. Here are some of the top-notch YouNetCo Let's start with YouNetCo. Aside from producing the highest number of modules from apps to themes, they are also one of the best 3rd party developers based on the client reviews. Their team also recognizes by clients because of the support they provide. Some of their famous apps are Social Store, Ultimate Video, Advanced Menu Systems and many more. You can find all their products here Here are some of the client's reviews cespiritual We also have cespiritual as one of the best developers of phpFox. Their clients are very much satisfied and contented with the apps and services they provided. Some of them even installed all the modules that this developer produced. With currently 35 produced modules, their popular ones are Geo Members, Weather Widgets, Videos Block and many more. You can get all of their modules here Here are some of the client's review Foxer phpFoxer is also one of the top-notchers when it comes to developing apps, plugins, widgets and templates. They started working in phpFox since 2012.  Currently, they have 28 modules produced. Some of their most downloadable products are Clipboard Manager, User on the profile, and Verified Members. You can check out all of their modules here Here are what their clients say Simplify Social Network This developer is simply one of the best developers of phpFox. Even though they only have 5 modules produced at the moment, the clients recognize the power and functionalities of the apps they produced. Modern Inlite HTML Editor is one of their most popular apps because of its features. Another one is Notes in Facebook Style, you can even get it for free. Check out their complete set of modules here Here are some of the client's reactions   Scheinwelt-Media Another top on the list is Scheinwelt-Media. With currently 42 modules produced, Scheinwelt-Media is also one of the top 3rd party developers in the market today. Some of their popular modules are Mail Send Button, Forum Reply Button, Simple Facebook Page, and many more. You can find all their modules here Here are some of the client's impressions Next on the list is They are also one of the top 3rd party developers considering the client reviews with 57 products at the moment. Some of their high-rated apps are Online Tv,  Advanced Blogs V4, Advanced Members and a lot more.  You can find more of their modules here Here are some of their client's reactions   They are just a few of them, you can browse all the 3rd party developers here As we mentioned, our 3rd party developers are experts in customization. They can build an app from scratch. They can even enhance your existing module to make it more exciting! So don't hesitate to contact them if you need an assistance.
  • Attention Third Party Developers

    With the upcoming release of our social network script phpFox v4.3 version, we've seen a lot of improvements for theme developing, app developing and language pack developing. We would like to post this entry for Attention Third Party Developers. We've also worked hard to improve our developer tutorials and will continue to work on those over time. Our store is improved to showcase products and developer profiles. We have featured developers to help promote those of you that offer customizations. Developers with high ratings will be featured as seen in our developer listing. If you want to be included in the featured listings, please be sure to get your clients to review your products and your developer account as only developers with products in our V4 apps, themes, and language packs can be shown in the featured listing. Also, be sure to update your developer profile with the info you want to include. Check the other top profiles to see how other developers are adding their info. Make sure your email is correct as it is going to be linked for your contact. You can link an email to your support desk if you prefer. Reviews are allowed only for purchases done in the store and by clients with a paid license. Reviews on a developer's profile, such as this one, can be made by any client with a license. All reviews must be in English though. Please encourage your clients to post in English in order to avoid deletion of the review. We have updated our developer policy. Please be sure to read it and check it from time to time as we are working to update it as we add more features and improvements to the store. As we will no allow any callbacks to developer's sites in the future, we'll update the policy at that time and add tutorials for how you can use the store verification system to prevent piracy and validate client purchases. If you've not updated your v3 products to v4, now is the time to do it as things are rolling along. If you've been thinking of developing apps, themes, languages for our phpFox script, join here and get started as our clients are eagerly awaiting more goodies for their sites! #developer #php #laravel #twig
  • Developer Info Regarding V4 Apps

    In the recent post, our great and powerful Wizard of Fox (Raymond) inadvertently missed putting in a few details which have created a bit of confusion regarding "modules" and "apps". As he's currently chained to a desk coding, he asked me to clarify things a bit regarding Developer Info Regarding V4 Apps.   Our upcoming phpFox V4.2 release will include the merger of Modules and Apps which will, at that time, allow developers to choose whether to make an App or a Module. At that time, both will install just like Apps do now and clients won't see any difference in installation method.   We will release a guide and a sample module at that time so that third-party developers will be able to make their products with the new installation method. For now, please don't submit V4 Modules as we won't be able to accept those until they can install directly from AdminCP like Apps do.   Thank you for your patience while we make our phpFox script an awesome social networking script!
  • Official Recommended Developers for phpFox

    Looking to take your social network to the next level? Look no further, check out our official list of Official Recommended Developers for phpFox that can assist in doing just that. View Official Recommended Developers Have you worked with phpFox in the past to create awesomeness? Get in touch with us and will check out your work in order to add you or your company to the list.
  • Developers Tip: Working with AJAX in phpFox Neutron

    For developers coming over from PHPfox Nebula we handled AJAX in phpFox Neutron requests and responses a little different. We have simplified things with phpFox Neutron with how an AJAX request reaches a controller via routes. To learn more, check out the docs