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phpFox inFocus Social Network

phpFox inFocus Social Network

Welcome to our September inFocus!

This article focuses on how you can earn some spending cash or even a full time living with the phpFox Affiliate Program.  Read on for details on how to achieve success with affiliate referrals!

In case you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, it can be a great way to make some extra cash or it can be your full time business. We’ve had many affiliates in the past earn full time income from their efforts. Some earned enough to build up a nice retirement nest egg and still travel with their family and vacation wherever they wanted. We can’t promise you’ll be that successful, but if you put in the effort, you certainly have the opportunity to.

What is the phpFox affiliate program?

We’ve got some details to explain our affiliate program. Our program allows you to earn a whopping 15% on qualifying referrals! The details are explained on the linked page but it’s pretty simple. If you do have questions after reading about it, just send us a sales question and we’ll be happy to answer.

How to become a phpFox affiliate?

Great question! It’s easy as pie to become an affiliate and doesn’t cost you a thing! Just join here . Once you join, you’ll have your own unique referral link to start earning with.

So, you’ve done the above two things and are rarin’ to go and get some money flowing into your Paypal account. What’s next?

You need to promote your link! The way you earn is by sharing your link to people that want to start their own website.

How can you promote your affiliate link?

There are a lot of ways you can advertise your affiliate link. Some are paid and some are free. Google has a plethora of results for marketing and advertising so feel free to also do your own searching but we’ll put a few tips here.

  • Add it to your signature in websites you are a member. Make sure they allow this first.
  • Become a member of websites for webmaster help and answer questions about the phpFox script, about social network scripts, about cms scripts or about starting a website.
  • Start a free WordPress blog and post articles about phpFox, how to start a website, etc. In your articles, you would want to have your affiliate link but don’t put it more than once per article. You also might want articles that don’t have the link, just to have some good info for people to keep coming back and reading. You need to grow your followers so you grow your internet presence.
  • Family, friends and business associates are a good free way to market. Some might want a site of their own or maybe they know someone that does.
  • Put your affiliate link in your email signature.
  • Take out some ads in search engines, on hosting forums, on technical support forums.
  • Put an ad on your own site if you don’t mind folks knowing what script you use.
  • Offer services to make websites. Let your clients purchase the phpFox script with your affiliate link and then set up the site for them after.
  • Post on social media with tips for starting websites and include your affiliate link in some of the posts. You won’t want to put it in every post as that can turn people off from reading your posts. You need to grow your following with relevant posts.

We hope the above tips help you to take your affiliate account to high levels and grow your bank account!

Disclaimer: phpFox cannot guarantee that you will earn specific amounts, or anything at all, with the affiliate program. Your earnings are directly impacted by your efforts. As such, it is out of our control as to how much you may or may not earn.

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