iPhone & Android Mobile App for phpFox

Posted February 4, 2013 by Anna Eliasson in Mobile, Plug-ins

With today's mobile phones your phpFox Social Network almost have to have a Mobile App specifically for your website.

Our new partners from phpFoxer.com have recently released the iPhone & Android Mobile App specially for phpFox. Making your community even more mobile friendly!

phpFoxer have made an app both for the iPhone and the Android. If you're on a mobile phone right now you can browse http://apps.phpfoxer.net/ for the demo.

With this app you can do several things as a user, such as:

- User sign in and sign up;
- Edit profile and upload profile pic from device camera;
- Browse members and friends, viewing profile including profile fields, wall and user data;
- Private messaging with chat-like conversations.


It even supports the phpFox modules, where you can do various of activities on numerous modules:

- Blogs: create, search and browse your friends blogs;
- Events: create, search and browse events;
- Forums: create, search, browse, comment posts in forums;
- Marketplace: create a listing and start sales directly within the app;
- Pages: create a page of interest to collect followers;
- Photos: create, search and browse photos directly in the app, easy navigation in Albums;
- Polls: create or join a poll;
- Quizzes: create, search and participate in quizzes;
- Videos: create, search and browse videos.

mobile-app-phpfox-5.png mobile-app-phpfox-3.png mobile-app-phpfox-2.png mobile-app-phpfox.png

phpFoxer are even offering a good 10 % until this Friday, February 8th, so hurry and get the app for only $449.99 before Friday (ordinary price $499.99)!

phpFoxer not only offers great addons, but also provides with Custom Development.